31 Dec 2014

CNMI hospital officials at odds over bill

4:20 pm on 31 December 2014

Officials at the Northern Marianas' Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation are at odds over a bill that would change its advisory board into a governing board.

The Senate passed the bill last week, but the CHC's chief executive, Esther Muna, is urging the House of Representatives to vote down the bill in its final reading.

She says the bill was passed with neither a public hearing nor committee report, and both the CEO and Director of Medical Affairs would be removed from the governing board if it is passed.

She says this will strip the CHC of healthcare sector expertise.

However, the advisory board chair Jack Torres says the bill will make the corporation a more professional organisation where the CEO is held accountable to the board of trustees.

He says the status quo doesn't work, as seen by the CHC failing to get full Medicaid accreditation the past two years.