8 Dec 2014

Pacific island countries "railroaded" at fisheries talks

7:41 pm on 8 December 2014

The Parties to the Nauru Agreement say the interests of Pacific Island countries were railroaded at a major fisheries meeting last week.

The agency which controls the world's largest purse seine fishery says distant water fishing nations have once again failed to support measures to reduce the overfishing of tuna.

The PNA's CEO Transform Aqorau says the PNA countries had come to the meeting determined to pass a measure for tropical tuna like Bigeye which is in demand for sashimi.

He says failure to do that raises questions about the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission's abilities to address overfishing.

Dr Aqorau says the PNA will regroup and revise its strategy to work outside the ambit of the Commission and use exisiting commercial measures like its Vessel Day Scheme to address the problem.