26 Nov 2014

Solomons Independents offered money and power

9:32 pm on 26 November 2014

Politicial Parties in Solomon Islands are allegedly offering independent MPs positions and cash to get them to join their ranks.

This comes as coalitions are being forged in the country as the race to form the next government continues.

New party laws introduced in July only allow MPs who are members of registered political parties to form government but last week's elections saw just 18 party candidates winning seats in the 50 member parliament.

The President of the Kadere Party, Alfred Legua, says three political camps have been set up in hotels in Honiara to lobby the independents.

"As usual, there is positions and cash involved. However I believe it must be tens of thousands or something. Within that range."

Mr Legua says the camp able to attract the most independent MPs will have the best chance of forming the new government.