26 Nov 2014

Election campaigning in Tonga finishes 24 hours out

2:54 pm on 26 November 2014

Voters in Tonga go to the polls from 9 tomorrow morning with the supervisor of elections, Pita Vuki, saying results are expected within hours of the close at 4pm.

The election is just the second under a more democratic system brought in in 2010.

The people vote for 17 of the 26 elected members in the Legislature, with the nobles choosing the other nine.

Mr Vuki says there is a 24 hour break in campaigning before the voting starts.

"All the campaigning, the candidate campaigning, those activities have ceased as at 9 this morning. So from now until tomorrow there is no longer campaigning activities."

Pita Vuki says as of 9am all advertising paraphenalia had been removed from the streets.