21 Nov 2014

More new faces than old so far in Solomons poll

7:32 pm on 21 November 2014

More election results are being declared in Solomon Islands as the second day of counting draws to a close.

The most dramatic result of the day has been the historic unseating of a prime minister, with Gordon Darcy Lilo losing to school teacher Jimson Fiau Tanangada in the Gizo/Kolombangara constituency.

A ballot paper in Solomon Islands

A ballot paper in Solomon Islands Photo: RNZI

Our reporter in Honiara Koroi Hawkins has the latest.

"There is a sense of anticipation here in the capital as results from all around the country begin to trickle in at the end of the day's counting. Everywhere you go people are listening to local radio stations or flicking through social media, to try and get the latest results or standings from the counting centres. So far, nine MPs have been officially declared. Four have retained their seats and five are new. The most significant result of the day has been the unseating of caretaker prime minister Gordon Darcy Lilo and also veteran politican Job Dudley Tausinga, both beaten by newcomers to the political scene. In terms of affiliation, five of them are independents and the other four come from different political parties. The mood in the country has so far been quiet apart from unconfirmed reports of interference with a ballot box and the polling kit in Malaita province. More results are expected overnight."