14 Nov 2014

Voters move en masse ahead of Solomons poll

4:34 pm on 14 November 2014

Voters in the Solomon Islands capital are crowding ferries heading to the provinces ahead of next Wednesday's election.

More that 400 candidates are contesting the 50 seats in the parliament.

Our reporter Koroi Hawkins is in Honiara and says fully laden ferries have been leaving for the past week.

"There is a sense of the calm before the storm here in Honiara as the final preparations for the elections are put in place. Last night I went down to Point Cruz wharf and the ship that was supposed to be carrying people to Rennell and Bellona Province had to be turned back because it was grossly overloaded and in danger of sinking. More ships are expected to leave the capital over the next few days, some chartered by better financed candidates and others capitalising on the movement of people en masse, some of whom have their fares paid for by candidates."