6 Nov 2014

Tokelauan resort planned

10:17 am on 6 November 2014

A men's group in Tokelau is planning to build a tourist resort on a small islet within the island group.

The men's working group on Atafu, the Aumaga, is looking to build seven beach fales accommodating up to 20 guests.

The Tokelau government says the project is the Aumaga's initiative aimed at supporting the group's future activities and preserving culture.

A representative of the Aumaga Tanu Filo says the resort will be like any tourist destination around the Pacific and will be a chance for people around the world to see what Tokelauans are trying to preserve from being lost through the impact of climate change.

He says the resort will be small but offer traditional entertainment to guests as well as activities like fishing and snorkelling.

The project is yet to be approved.