14 Oct 2014

CNMI Governor has successful procedure

2:17 pm on 14 October 2014

The Governor of the Northern Marianas, Eloy Inos, is reportedly recovering from a successful medical procedure in the Philippines.

His acting press secretary, Ivan Blanco, says while he doesn't have the details, the medical procedure on the governor was done quickly and successfully.

He also thanked the CNMI community for its prayers and thoughts for the Republican Party standard-bearer in the November the 4th polls.

Mr Inos left the CNMI last week for what Mr Blanco described as a routine medical procedure that the 65-year-old has been putting off for several months because of his busy schedule.

His opponents have used Mr Inos' health as political fodder, especially in the run-up to the election.

The governor has been receiving dialysis treatment for his diabetes three times a week.