9 Oct 2014

Samoa Health issues warning on ava product

11:40 am on 9 October 2014

Samoa's Ministry of Health has issued a public notice warning people not to buy a certain packet of grounded kava, known as ava in Samoa, believed to be imported from Fiji.

The ava is sold under a Samoan label.

The Ministry apparently removed all the kava, which known as ava in Samoa, earlier this week from the company importing the goods.

Tests will be conducted to determine if this ava from Fiji poses a health risk.

Media reports from Apia say several ava producers in the country are questioning the use of the Samoan label, calling for the importer to be investigated.

They say it's inappropriate for a company that is not in Samoa to use a Samoan label.

Although it's been on sale for a while, it's understood that the ava is in the process of being registered under a Samoan partners name as a product that is legally sold in the country.