15 Sep 2014

PNG manhunt cut short by lack of resources

8:06 pm on 15 September 2014

Police in Papua New Guinea's Jiwaka Province are searching for a man wanted for cutting off parts of both of his mother-in-law's legs.

Police say the suspect had been charged with grievous bodily harm but he escaped custody a day before he was due to appear in the Minj District Court.

His victim 35 year old mother of four, Esther Gor, is still being treated at the Kudjip Nazarene Hospital.

The Minj police commander, Horim Piamia, says the man is also wanted in relation to another violence charge but the station does not have the resources to pursue him.

"Currently we can't go after the suspect because we have logistical problems. Most of the times we have fuel problems. Sometimes we go around begging people to buy fuel, just to attend to their complaints and that has been, that has been really a problem that has been hindering us to carry out our job effectively."

Police commander in Minj, Horim Piamia.

Mrs Gor, who had relied on farming and coffee plantation work to provide for her family, has made a public appeal for a wheel chair through the Post Courier newspaper.