9 Sep 2014

Tahiti's Flosse criticised over comments

3:44 pm on 9 September 2014

The leader of French Polynesia's opposition Atia Porinetia Party has hit back at the ousted president, Gaston Flosse, who described the party as comatose.

Flosse, who last week lost office because of a corruption conviction, spoke on television and denounced his demise as lack of gratitude by France while suggesting he might seek re-election in four years.

He described the outcome of the judicial process as a lottery and said President Francois Hollande was weak for not pardoning him.

Also speaking on television, Atia Porinetia's Teva Rohfritsch says Flosse wants to give the illusion that he is still in control despite losing all his civic rights.

Flosse has designated Edouard Fritch as his successor, with Mr Rohfritsch expressing his hope that the new president opts for a less divisive style of leadership.

Mr Rohfritsch was made a minister by Flosse 11 years ago and last year, he formed his own anti-independence party.

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Photo: RNZ