9 Sep 2014

PNG Deputy PM calls for stability

9:48 am on 9 September 2014

Papua New Guinea's Deputy Prime Minister has emphasised the need for government stability to move the country forward.

Papua New Guinea's Deputy Prime Minister, Leo Dion.

Papua New Guinea's Deputy Prime Minister, Leo Dion. Photo: RNZI

Leo Dion was responding to a question about his reason for leaving the Triumph, Heritage and Empowerment Party to join the People's National Congress Party of Prime Minister Peter O'Neill.

Mr Dion announced the move earlier this year, with several other THE party MPs following suit, but the THE Party leader, Don Polye, says they are technically still in his party.

However Mr Dion says he followed the legal process to change parties.

"There has always been instability within the government, and when you have instability, you don't have any progress, do you? Every decision that I made is not done for personal reasons. It's done on a moral... good reasons, for the constituents, the people who have voted me in, as well as the government of the day."

Meanwhile, Peter O'Neill has written to Don Polye to notify him that the THE Party is no longer part of the government coalition.