8 Sep 2014

Expert 'shocked' by Fiji's high suicide rate

7:24 am on 8 September 2014

A visiting international expert to Fiji says the country has one of the worst rates of suicide in the world.

Professor Rammohan Rao Malesu, who is an Australia-based professor of psychiatry, is currently working with Fiji's Ministry of Health to help develop its clinical services.

He says he was shocked to learn of Fiji's high suicide rate but he says the Ministry and the Government are paying a lot of attention to mental health.

"Almost every hospital now has what they call 'stress wards' which is actually used in a way so that people don't consider that as a mental health ward or something and it does help a lot of people to come to a main hospital rather than an identified psychiatric hospital."

Professor Rammohan Rao Malesu.

World Suicide Prevention Day will be marked on September 10th.