6 Sep 2014

Tahiti's Flosse fails to get pardon - report

2:09 pm on 6 September 2014

Public radio in French Polynesia says the territory's president, Gaston Flosse, has failed to get a presidential pardon from Francois Hollande and is about to lose office.

The report comes a day after the court of appeal in Tahiti rejected Flosse's bid for it to wipe the sentence he received in July.

Last month, Mr Hollande said he would let the judicial process run its course, which now means the corruption conviction stands.

Flosse was sentenced to a four-year suspended jail term, a 170,000 US dollar fine and banned from public office for three years last year.

The sentence had been confirmed by France's highest court in July, but the French government refused to serve him the verdict.

He sought a pardon and asked the appeal court in Tahiti not to apply the sentence.

With the pardon bid rejected, reports from Papeete now say the order for Flosse's dismissal has already been signed by the French High Commissioner.

There is a suggestion it may be served today.

Flosse was convicted for running a vast network of phantom jobs to support his political party in what has been the

biggest case of its kind in French legal history.

Flosse has insisted he is innocent.

Flosse, who is 83, has been elected president five times and has been a member of the French Senate since 1998.