27 Aug 2014

Fiji court to hear application on electoral candidate on Friday

5:04 pm on 27 August 2014

The Fiji High Court will this Friday hear an application by the Fiji Labour Party to re-instate a candidate on the electoral roll.

The Fiji Labour Party says the court has set down the matter for 9:30 on Friday and the party will now serve the court documents on the Electoral Commission, the Supervisor of Elections and the Attorney-General.

A lawyer and member of the party, Anand Singh, says they will argue that Steven Singh was denied his constitutional right and that the Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem, wrongly omitted him from the electoral roll.

"The manner in which the electoral commission has handled this whole thing and the subsequent controversy with the supervisor of elections is most unfair to the party's concern. Simply to have dismissed the application saying the court doesn't have any jurisdiction is clearly not an answer to the situation because the grievance, particularly in the case of Steven Singh, still remains unaddressed."

The Fiji Labour Party's Anand Singh.