15 Aug 2014

Public will see benefits of mining law, says Bougainville Admin

7:30 pm on 15 August 2014

The Chief Administrator in the Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville says once the public are informed about a new mining law, they will see the protections it offers.

Bougainville's parliament last week passed what President John Momis called a world first, with the legislation ensuring that landowners will own the resources on their land.

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Photo: RNZ

Critics claim the measure will make it easier for foreign companies to gain a foothold, but the Government says there is no basis to that claim.

The Chief Administrator, Chris Siriosi says people with vested interests have spread mis-information, but awareness building will overcome this.

"The confusion has been caused by misinformation. That misinformation has to be rebutted. People have to go in and explain the real purposes of the law and get people to understand that contrary to what other people are saying, the law is actually designed to protect them."

The Chief Administrator in Bougainville, Chris Siriosi.