6 Aug 2014

FEMA to assess flooding in American Samoa

5:13 pm on 6 August 2014

The U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, is expected to send a small team to American Samoa to conduct an assessment of last week's flood damage.

A high school student was killed when she was swept out to sea during heavy rain, which also caused flooding, landslides, and displaced more than 80 people.

Several government offices have also been affected by the floods.

A FEMA spokesperson, John Hamill, says it expects a small team to be sent to Pago Pago to carry out a joint preliminary damage assessment with territorial officials.

The local government will have to decide whether a disaster declaration should be submitted to the federal government.

The last major severe heavy rain, flooding and landslides to hit American Samoa was in 2003, claiming the lives of four people, and causing nearly ten million US dollars in damages.