10 Jul 2014

Pacific invasive species fight has to be region wide

2:50 pm on 10 July 2014

The Tonga government says the fight against invasive species can not be done alone, and a regional effort is required.

The Tonga government has put 1 point 5 million US dollars last month towards a regional fight against invasive species.

The Tonga government's commitment will go towards implementing its new National Invasive Species Strategy and Action Plan.

The Palau president, Tommy Remengesau Jr, has made a similar commitment.

The chief executive officer for Tonga's Ministry of Lands, Environment, Climate Change and Natural Resources, Asipeli Palaki, says invasive species pose a big problem to the region's bio-diversity, food security and economy.

"We cannot fight alone in the region against invasive species because we could transfer from place to place, it has to be a regional effort."

Asipeli Palaki says they are aiming to have the main island, Tongatapu, free of all invasive species within four years.