24 Jun 2014

Fiji media body lashes academics

7:34 pm on 24 June 2014

The head of Fiji's Media Industry Development Authority has slammed two expatriate academics in the journalism department at the University of the South Pacific in Suva.

Acting journalism co-ordinator Pat Craddock and lecturer Mathew Thompson spoke of a leading journalist denied access to the Pacific Islands Development Forum summit and the harassment of another by police.

They also made reference to Australian media reports of the Fiji military commander admitting soldiers had beaten citizens who had expressed dissent - which Brigadier General Mosese Tikoitoga has since said he did not say that.

MIDA's Ashwin Raj claims the statements by the two academics have no foundation and no one has complained to his office about the military trying to silence the media.

"These reckless academics are trying to instil fear among ordinary and decent citizens of Fiji and it constitutes yet another feeble attempt to keep us in a perpetual state of crisis."

Ashwin Raj has called on the USP management to say if it sanctioned the offending press release.