19 May 2014

Solomons flood victims not at fault

3:30 pm on 19 May 2014

A group representing Solomon Islands flood victims says the weekend's riots in Honiara had nothing to do with the people being housed in evacuation centres.

Early reports blames the rioting on flood victims living in an evacuation centre at the National University but the interim chair of the Flash Flood Victims Coalition Taskforce says these people were not involved.

Though Jeffrey Leni says others who had already been repatriated may have taken part.

"They were no longer under the control of the Flash Flood Victims Coalition Team. They were free and if they decide to get involved in the riot that is their own decision. That has nothing to do with the victims [in the camps]. And I can assure you that victims from Panatina right down to Rove, during that riot, they were not involved, because we have already told them not to participate in any illegal activity."

Solomon Islands Police are holding 15 people in custody following the rioting and looting.

Another 35 have been released on bail but a police spokesman says further arrests are likely.