15 May 2014

"I won't apologise" says Nauru MP

1:18 pm on 15 May 2014

A Nauru opposition MP Mathew Batsiua says he won't apologise for talking to the international media about the government's failings.

Mr Batsiua is among three MPs who the government has moved to suspend from parliament, accusing them of damaging the country's reputation.

Yesterday there were scuffles in parliament when police tried to eject one of the three, Kieren Keke, from the chamber.

Mr Batsiua returned from overseas to return to parliament this morning and he says there were many police and security guards outside parliament again.

But he says he negotiated with the speaker to allow him to enter the chamber and say his piece.

"So I was allowed to get up and speak, not for long. I just stated to the House for the people to hear that I was deeply disturbed by the motion and I think it was a sad day for Nauru. It's an attack on people's freedom and speech, and as an elected member it's an affront to our freedom."

Mr Batsiua says the opposition MPs have been assured by the Speaker, Ludwig Scotty, that he is seeking legal advice on the validity of the motion to suspend them.