9 May 2014

Food shortage for Vanuatu cyclone victims continues

4:45 am on 9 May 2014

The government of Vanuatu will have to shift around funds to meet urgent food requests from Cyclone Lusi Victims, because there is no existing budget for disaster relief.

050514. Photo supplied. Pacific flags. Vanuatu

050514. Photo supplied. Pacific flags. Vanuatu Photo: supplied

The affected populations were advised to salvage what crops they could after the cyclone, but that food ran out in some areas nearly two weeks ago, so many have been forced to eat unripe fr uit vegetables.

There are reports that the cyclone victims are frustrated because the government is yet to respond to an assessment for food relief submitted ten days ago.

Albert Williams, who is the director general of the Ministry of Climate Change and in charge of national disaster issues, says they hope a decision will be made tomorrow.

There's no dedicated funds for disaster relief or disaster response which makes it difficult for us to shift around finance and to say 'okay, we are asking you to release this money from this fund'. That's the challenge we have.

Albert Williams, Director General of the Ministry of Climate Change in Vanuatu.