22 Apr 2014

French Polynesia recovery plan doomed to fail - journalist

4:04 am on 22 April 2014

A journalist in Tahiti says a new raft of measures proposed by the French Polynesian government won't succeed in reviving the territory's failing economy.

The government's 50 point recovery plan includes boosting housing initiatives and construction, airport development, promoting tourist attractions, and creating employment opportunities.

But the publisher of the Tahiti-Pacifique monthly magazine says it's just talk from the government, which has made similar promises since 1991.

He says the problem with French Polynesia is its reliance on the public sector.

"Everything that is being proposed is either subsidised or reliant on public money. We have become, thanks to the nuclear tests, a consumer society with no production behind it."

Alex du Prel says those in power are happy with the status quo because they have very high wages, subsidised by France.