17 Apr 2014

Sport: Pacific Games bosses not expecting any further funding

11:17 am on 17 April 2014

The Organising Committee for next year's Pacific Games in Port Moresby are confident there will be no further budget blowouts.

PNG were awarded the hosting rights in 2009 but delays early in the process saw construction and planning fall close to two years behind schedule.

That gap has since been cut significantly with contractors working 24 hours a day to complete venues and accommodation in time for the start of competition in July next year.

The Chair of the Organising Committee, Emma Waiwai, doesn't expect any further handouts.

"I don't know how much more the government will be able to give us or how much more we require. At this stage I think the 1.2 billion [kina] that we've been saying all along I think is sufficient. It's actually taken into account a lot of the shortfalls and the extra things that we need to purchase in time to get the Games going."