18 Mar 2014

Pay problems continue for Vanuatu nurses

7:14 am on 18 March 2014

The Vanuatu Nurses Association says pay problems are continuing, with an estimated one hundred nurses not recieving their pay.

The acting Director General of Health in Vanuatu, Dr Santos Wari, says it was expected nurses' pay would be back to normal by Friday last week.

However, the interim president of the Nurses Association, Anne Pakoa, says it's understood about 100 of the more than 500 nurses employed in the country are still waiting to be paid.

She says the situation is getting desperate for some.

"Some of the nurses haven't been paid for about three or more months, which is quite frustrating. One of the approach that was taken was that the ministry of health over there, brought a bag of rice, and gave it to each of the nurses. And I think it's quite a joke. We're still recieving a lot of issues...so yeah, it's a dramatic situation we're in."

Anne Pakoa says it's frustrating that nurses aren't being valued, yet they're relied on to respond and work overtime in emergency situations like Cyclone Lusi.