17 Mar 2014

Sport: Solomon Warriors target O-League boost

12:38 pm on 17 March 2014

The Solomon Warriors are hoping a strong run at next month's Oceania Champions League will provide a welcome boost for football in the country after a difficult 12 months.

The Warriors retained their national title a few weeks ago to be the final team to qualify for next month's competition in Fiji.

An interim committee has been running the Solomon Islands Football Federation since October, after the old administration failed to manage a funding shortfall.

That's led to significant cutbacks in what competitions various teams can participate in and the Solomon Warriors manager Dr Kenton Sade says the O-League is a chance for some good news.

"It has affected a lot of football aspects in Solomon Islands given the issues surrounding our football, but for us the important thing is we keep the football alive while the other issues needed time to be sorted out and leave it to the respective team that they have put in place to try and at least reorganise the house and make sure that the football is going to a level that we can be able to be seen as one of the first tier playing nations in the region".

The O League begins on April the 7th.