15 Mar 2014

Nauru's Govt welcomes resignation of Chief Justice

6:51 am on 15 March 2014

Nauru's government has welcomed the resignation of chief justice Geoffrey Eames this week and has announced a series of reforms that will create a more effective and transparent judiciary.

Mr Eames, who's based in Australia, has been prevented from returning to Nauru after the government withdrew his visa - one of a series of controversial moves by the Nauru government.

But Justice Minister David Adeang says despite continual comments within the Australian and New Zealand media about Nauru neglecting the rule of law, the country was in fact supporting and advancing the rule of law with the new reforms.

He says the decisions they are making are about improving the legal process in the country.

Mr Adeang says the resignation will now allow the government to fast-track the reforms that were backed by the former chief justice, which includes the appointment of more Supreme Court justices, a maximum contract period for judges and magistrates, and a separate registrar of the court.

Mr Adeang explained the government was already in the process of appointing new justices and will now look for a new chief justice.