14 Feb 2014

Australia sending injured pregant woman back to Nauru

6:14 pm on 14 February 2014

The Refugee Action Coalition in Australia says the government there is being inhumane in sending a pregnant woman back to Nauru after receiving medical treatment for a blow to the stomach.

The 31 year old Iranian asylum seeker, who is 28 weeks pregnant, was brought to Brisbane after being struck in the stomach by a soccer ball.

She has been treated and legal action is now underway in an effort to prevent the Australian government from expelling her to Nauru, which the Coalition says has poor medical facilities.

Its spokesperson, Ian Rintoul, says it's a disgrace the government is inflicting unsuitable conditions on a mother to-be.

"The government simply has got no heart. It's being driven entirely by political motivations rather than any concern for the actual welfare of people on Nauru. Why they would want to send a pregant woman back to Nauru in these circumstances is just not understandable."

Ian Rintoul says there are at least five pregnant women in Australian asylum seeker detention camps.