7 Dec 2013

Sport: Fiji 7s coach says team still improving

5:35 am on 7 December 2013

Fiji sevens coach says his team is still far from the finished product despite a stunning victory in Dubai.

Fiji moved up to second in the World Series standings after thrashing New Zealand 44-0 in the Cup semi finals before proving too strong for South Africa in the final.

Ben Ryan was encouraged by how aggressive the Fiji players were in Dubai and how they dominated possession.

He says it's given them a great boost ahead of this weekend's Port Elizabeth leg.

"It's a real fill up, a real positive if you get an early win. I mean things were all going well - the boys have been very encouraged really by everything that they've done and I've been welcomed and they've just got on with putting all the work that I've out in front of them they've done it.This is really only the start and although obviously we're very pleased with how we played last weekend there's a lot more growth in this program. Certainly the players training ages are young and we haven't really got stuck in properly to their strength and conditioning and some of their technical areas so we're going to get a lot better."

Fiji play Australia first up tonight before matches against Scotland and France.

Samoa take on England first up followed by Argentina and Zimbabwe.