25 Sep 2013

Dive and tourism representative in Vanuatu disputes comments on WWII wrecks

1:29 pm on 25 September 2013

A dive operator and tourism representative in Vanuatu has criticised requests for the United States to clean up the machinery at Million Dollar Point.

The Secretary General of the Sanma Provincial Council says the Second World War machinery is dangerous and some fish are poisoned.

The trucks, bulldozers and cranes were dumped in the water at the end of the war, and the site has become a popular diving attraction.

The Chairman of the Santo Tourism Association, Dave Cross, says it brings benefits to the villages.

He says he has never heard of food poisoning problems, and says there's no unexploded ordnance in Vanuatu.

"Santo or Luganville was never a theatre of war, it was a huge American base and I am sure there are one or two shells lying around. I am not aware in the 17 years I've been here of anybody being injured by exploding ordnance. I am not aware of anybody finding any unexploded bombs."

Dave Cross.