18 Sep 2013

Fiji churches network supports strong words on democracy

4:20 pm on 18 September 2013

The Fiji Council of Churches has supported a push for a peaceful path to democracy in Fiji and an end to a culture of silence.

The Council, which includes Fiji's main Christian churches, has agreed with religious leaders' call last week to transform the present system of power and allow people to take part in political affairs freely and responsibly.

Their call came following a strong statement by the Catholic Archbishop of Suva Peter Loy Chong who said the present government was perpetuating a system that had brought about divisiveness and a coup culture.

A Council spokesman, Reverend James Bhagwan, says unity is important so individual churches aren't victimised.

"This is a call to look at what democracy means for us and the values we believe in in terms of our Christian faith and to ensure that as we move towards elections we affirm these things and we continue to ensure that the journey that is being taken is one that is particpatory."

Reverend James Bhagwan says churches plan to reiterate their message over the next year.