2 Sep 2013

Niue premier says Fiji regime talking as if it has already won election

1:31 pm on 2 September 2013

The Premier of Niue says the Fiji government is talking as if it has already won next year's election.

Toke Talagi has previously been critical of Fiji, urging Fijians in 2009 to "rise up" in protest against the military regime.

He says it will be Fiji's call whether they rejoin the Pacific Islands Forum after next year's promised election, or whether they push forward with the newly-established Pacific Islands Development Forum.

"Fiji has the particular viewpoint that Fiji has and I respect that. I've heard them refer to the fact that they are going to have elections next year, and it's almost as if they are pre-empting that they will hold government. Well that's entirely up to them, at the time they become elected, to determine their future with respect to the forum."

The Premier of Niue Toke Talagi.

He told fellow Polynesian leaders in Auckland last week he is concerned there is a proliferation of regional agencies that seek funding for climate change action and there is a risk of wasting the money in needless bureaucracy.