11 Jul 2013

Chinese drugs suspect arrested in Fiji

1:43 pm on 11 July 2013

The Chinese Ministry of Public Security says a man suspected to be the main culprit of a drug ring was arrested in Fiji after six years on the run.

The Xinhua news agency says Chen Guoming of Guangzhou fled the country after police busted a drug processing factory, confiscated more than 400 kilogrammes of methamphetamine and arrested eight suspects.

The ministry issued an arrest warrant for the 48-year-old via Interpol in 2011.

Chen remained missing until late last year when New Zealand police reported seeing a man with similar facial features and later confirmed his identity.

Having received a tip-off that Chen planned to go to Fiji in June, Chinese police, in cooperation with Fijian police and immigration departments, captured him a week ago and took him back to China on Saturday.