17 Jul 2013

New Caledonia considers microalgae as business opportunity

10:05 am on 17 July 2013

New Caledonia plans to produce microalgae on a large scale for use in aquaculture and industry.

A two-million US dollars research project, called Amical, has been launched with the hope of producing prawn feed.

These micro-organisms consume carbon dioxide and offer a raft of possible applications.

Nicola Morezzi of the economic development agency in New Caledonia is in charge of the programme and he says it promises economic benefits.

"The shrimp farming is really important aquaculture industry in New Caledonia and protein from fish oil to produce shrimps aliments is really expensive so we would like to remove oil fish and replace it by microalgae to reduce the importation and use the local source of proteins"

These microalgae could also be used in cosmetics, pharmacology, biofuel and by mining companies to recycle carbon dioxide emissions.