30 Apr 2013

Fears of public reaction in Solomons following report leak

3:28 pm on 30 April 2013

The chief executive of the group, Forum Solomon Islands International, is asking who will be liable for the consequences of the leaking of a report into ethnic tensions quelled by international military intervention a decade ago.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission's report - the product of extensive consultations with those on all sides of a conflict thought to have killed about 200 people - was presented to the prime minister well over a year ago.

It was widely expected to be made public within a few months but after more than a year of waiting, Dr Terry Brown, the report's final editor, has released digital copies of it.

The Forum's Benjamin Afuga says it doesn't believe Dr Brown will be liable for whatever happens next.

"For example, people might react to certain contents of the report and if certain people went around asking for compensation, who is liable for that? Who's responsible for that? I mean, these are the sensitive parts of the leakage that we are fearful of and we are very mindful of."

Benjamin Afuga says although the Forum respects Dr Brown's decision to make the report public that should have been done following the process set out in law.