26 Apr 2013

Call for changes in way Solomons' constituency funds allocated

1:45 pm on 26 April 2013

A former provincial premier in Solomon Islands has slammed MPs who recently voted themselves a huge lift in constituency development funds.

Each MP is now to get nearly three quarters of a million US dollars to spend annually in their constituencies at their discretion.

The measure was strongly supported when voted in last month, with all but 11 MPs backing it.

But former Temotu Province premier, Johnson Levela, says the money is often wasted on projects of little or no value.

He says the funds are so substantial that if the money was channelled through the appropriate government agencies it could have a major impact on the rural areas.

"But under the current arrangement where the constituency set up is being used by legislators to channel these funds to development, you end up with not practical impacts seen across the rural areas."