18 Apr 2013

Kiribati to hold a national meeting to address climate change issues

2:15 pm on 18 April 2013

A public meeting tomorrow in Kiribati, led by President Anote Tong, aims to galvanise the country's position on climate change and attract international attention to its plight.

It will involve representatives of government, NGOs, and church and youth groups who will address the public's questions about the effects of climate change in Kiribati.

One of the event's organisers, Rimeta Beniamina, says he hopes the meeting will enhance public understanding of the issue and the people's responsibilities as citizens to help fight it.

He says it will be an opportunity for the international community to see how seriously climate change affects Kiribati and he hopes it will lend a hand.

"We hope to entice funding from outside so that donors who are donor partners have the kind of feeling that a whole of NGO and government approach is being organised. We know that climate financing is a little bit late in its process to developing countries but we hope that there is a strong message from the country that we don't want to wait any more."

Rimeta Beniamina says the event will be broadcast live around the country so people on the outer islands can take part.