15 Apr 2013

Norfolk Islanders hope for more from visiting Australian Cabinet Minister

7:34 pm on 15 April 2013

The chief minister of Norfolk Island, Lisle Snell, says the community wants assurances from Canberra there will be more clarity in changes to the way the island is to operate.

The Norfolk Island economy has dived in recent times and two years ago its government and the Australian federal government developed a road map to try and correct it.

It included Norfolk entering the Australian taxation system and public sector reform in exchange for more financial assistance.

Some of these changes are not yet in place while the island is seeking additional money.

The federal Minister of Territories, Catherine King, is on Norfolk this week and Mr Snell says the islanders want to hear from her what opportunities they have to discuss details of the proposed changes.

"To give the island some certainty in the progression forward. What we need to plan. Some of the timelines that have been introduced as part of the funding agreements - we need those to be better clarified"

The chief minister of Norfolk Island, Lisle Snell.