13 Apr 2013

Nauru's President withdraws notice to dissolve parliament

9:07 am on 13 April 2013

Nauru's president Sprent Dabwido has withdrawn his notice, which he submitted to the speaker of Parliament on the 1st of March, advising that parliament be dissolved.

Yesterday's announcement was made on the eve of the expiration of a supreme court order handed down last month ordering the Speaker of Parliament Ludwig Scotty to call a sitting of Parliament, and to cancel elections planned for the 6th of April.

The president says the speaker is a man of integrity and by withdrawing the notice to dissolve parliament avoids subjecting the speaker to contempt of court and any legal consequences.

President Dabwido expressed his disappointment over the court ruling and his concerns that the separation of powers has been disregarded.

He says he will now sit with the Speaker and discuss a date for a parliament sitting, and he assured the people of Nauru that their wish to have fresh elections will not be ignored.