12 Apr 2013

MV Sili to resume American Samoa sailings

3:18 pm on 12 April 2013

The American Samoa government vessel MV Sili has been given the green light by the US Coast Guard to start servicing the Manu'a islands again.

The Chairman of the Shipyard Authority in Pago Pago, David Robinson, says the government vessel has now been repaired but it was just waiting for US Coast Guard approval.

The MV Sili has been out of action since March the 8th.

The US Coast Guard chief warrant officer, Stan LeCain, says they inspected the vessel several days ago.

"They were able to repair the propeller at the dry dock and they had a spare rudder they were able to use, and so those repairs were made and today around noon time we completed sea trials and everything was satisfactory."

Stan LeCain says the government is planning on running a trip tomorrow.