10 Apr 2013

Kiribati and Marshalls launch Australian travel campaign

4:43 am on 10 April 2013

The Marshall Islands and Kiribati have launched a marketing campaign in Australia, promoting themselves as adventure tourist destinations.

The Director of the Kiribati National Tourism Office, Reeti Onorio-Rui, says the countries are some of the last frontiers of Pacific tourism, offering some of the most unique travel experiences.

The Marshall Islands Visitors Authority's Brenda Alik-Maddison says there has been great interest in the campaign.

"We know that we haven't been able to open up this avenue to the South Pacific, so we're really trying to get a lot of tourists in. And since last month we've been getting a lot of good feedback since our opening at the trade show last month in Australia."

Brenda Alik-Maddison says the Marshall Islands is promoting adventure activities such as fishing, diving, surfing and battlefields from World War 2.