9 Apr 2013

Pitcairn mayor says energy investment failed

6:35 pm on 9 April 2013

The mayor of the Pitcairn Islands has confirmed a million-pound investment in renewable green energy has gone to waste.

Britain's Daily Mail reported the project was stalled due to a lack of response from an Australian energy company that visited the island's 50 residents and promised to build wind turbines.

The paper quoted a report from the Department for International Development that admitted the scheme was poorly managed.

The mayor of Pitcairn Mike Warren was the island's radio and electrical technician at the time and says he is disappointed the bidding company didn't follow through.

"They had plans on installing five 20-kilowatt windmills and that was hoped to take care of the energy needs of Pitcairn, running in tandem with diesel generators as backup. And the hope was that it would save significantly on the reliance on diesel fuel but things didn't quite eventuate as we had hoped and DfID had to eventually cancel the contract."

Mike Warren says he is waiting for the Department to contact him about a new plan for solar energy.