6 Mar 2013

Lack of bandwidth concerns American Samoa telco

1:33 pm on 6 March 2013

The American Samoa Telecommunications Authority is concerned there won't be enough bandwidth to support the full implementation of its broadband project.

Its executive director Aleki Sene Senior says the 95 million US federally funded project will replace the old, deteriorating copper infrastructure with a robust and weather durable next generation network with fiber optic cables.

Mr Sene says this will link the islands of American Samoa, making it possible to provide true broadband services to every household, business, and critical institutions throughout the territory.

"The problem we have right now is the bandwidth that we are getting from ASH cable is still very expensive and we have a project that's been designed right now that hopefully will give us the bandwidth that we need at a reasonable cost. Bear in mind that that's just temporary solution, a short-term solution."

Mr Sene says some time in the future they need to have a cable between American Samoa and Hawai'i in order to develop the territory's economy.