1 Mar 2013

Samoan mayor apologises for over-stepping authority

11:33 am on 1 March 2013

A Samoan pulenu'u or mayor has apologised for over-stepping his authority and complaining to the media about not being consulted on an idea to build a casino in his village.

The Mayor of Mulivaitoa Safata, Tafa Aukusitino told the Samoa Observer newspaper he was baffled as to how such a plan could gain momentum with consultation with himself or the council and says he and villagers found out about it on television.

The Paramount Chief, Letoa-Su'atele Manufegi says as the Sa'o or chief, he has been in charge of talks with the casino planning committee, and told the mayor he violated a village rule by over-stepping authority.

"He apologised because of misinformation. He apologised because of his clarification of the issue. There is a specific protocol in our village. I have clarified that to the mayor. The mayor, as you should understand, is not the authority of the village."

Letoa Su'atele says the casino planning committee is considering three villages to establish a new casino but nothing has been finalised.