16 Jan 2013

Vanuatu government seeking land for new international airport

1:52 pm on 16 January 2013

The Vanuatu government is seeking land on the island of Efate in Shefa Province to build a new international airport.

Last week, the government approached the Shefa Provincial Council with its plans for an airport able to cater for larger aircraft including Boeing 747s.

The Secretary General of Shefa Province, Michel Kalworai, says the existing airport in Port Vila cannot be extended and says the search has begun for land for the proposed project.

"So far with a meeting that I had with the Efate Vaturisu Council of Chiefs, they are very glad and very interested. And the process is with them now to proceed further with identifying the custom landowners and the investors or developers that are willing to work for the potential site for the international airport."

Michel Kalworai says once the project is complete, locals can expect a rise in visitor arrivals and a boost to the economy.