28 Dec 2012

Samoa treats more infected wounds after cyclone

8:32 am on 28 December 2012

Health officials in Samoa say two weeks after Cyclone Evan they are seeing more people with infected wounds.

The chief executive of the Ministry of Health Palanitina Toelupe says these are wounds that occurred during the cyclone but have since become infected and people are now seeking treatment.

She says to cope they have opened another clinic in Apia because of the lengthy waiting times at the hospital's outpatient's clinic.

Palanitina Toelupe also says the possibility of typhoid and food-borne diseases remains a real concern.

"Well the typhoid situation has always been a concern but we are very very concerned now it will get worse if we do not nag about boiling the water and making sure that there's clean preparations, food preparations and that there's [clean] water access and things like that. So we are very very conscious of that and we are working very hard to ensure that doesn't get off hand"

The chief executive of the Samoa Ministry of Health, Palanitina Toelupe