22 Nov 2012

Samoa Air keen to operate flights within American Samoa

11:27 am on 22 November 2012

Samoa Air, based in Apia, has filed an emergency application with the U.S. Department of Transportation seeking a waiver from federal cabotage law to operate charter domestic flights within American Samoa.

Islander Enterprises Samoa Limited filed its application yesterday seeking to operate flights between the main island of Tutuila and the Ofu and Fitiuta airports in the Manu'a island group.

Samoa Air requests the exemption be granted for an initial period of 30 days, and flight operations is primarily made necessary to meet a critical need for air transportation services to the Manu'a islands to provide proper medical care for the residents of the Manu'a Islands.

American Samoa based Inter Island Airways discontinued commerce service to the Ofu Airport some three years ago but continues to operate flights to Fitiuta airport.