30 Oct 2012

Collaboration in Guam on methamphetamine

5:06 pm on 30 October 2012

The acting chief of Guam police says collaboration between law enforcers on methamphetamine is having an impact on drug rings operating on the island.

The comment follows the award this week of a 27-year-sentence to a woman who led an operation smuggling the drug, also known as ice or crystal meth, from the Philippines to Guam.

The Guam Daily News reports that the length of 40-year-old Gina Medina's sentence, who pleaded guilty, is a result of her failure to provide 'substantial assistance' to police prosecutors.

Major Ricardo Leon Guerrero says her imprisonment and significant drugbusts earlier this year are marks of success in fighting a problem that has been around for the past couple of decades.

"The federal agencies together with the local law enforcement is able to close a gap in the way these drugs are brought in and that's working with the Guam customs and the post office."

The acting chief of Guam police, Major Ricardo Leon Guerrero.