30 Oct 2012

Solomons opposition leader seeks a review of no confidence motion

2:24 pm on 30 October 2012

The leader of the Solomon Islands opposition, Derek Sikua, has filed a case in the High Court seeking a review of last week's no confidence motion.

The government survived the no-confidence vote last week, and the Speaker, Sir Allan Kemakeza, was critical of Dr Sikua, saying there is no provision for dealing with a motion of no confidence where the opposition leader chooses not to appear.

But Dr Sikua says the Speaker of Parliament agreed on Thursday night the motion not be placed on the Order Paper for Friday as requested by the mover.

The SIBC reports Dr Sikua says he was informed by the Clerk on Friday morning that the Speaker had changed his mind, and instead directed the motion be set down on the day's Order paper.

On the floor of parliament last Friday Sir Allan ruled that the motion be debated, even without it being tabled or moved in the usual manner.

Despite contentions from the opposition the Speaker maintained that his ruling was final.