5 Oct 2012

Fish caught locally should be processed locally - American Samoa cannery owner

9:39 am on 5 October 2012

The owner of one of American Samoa's tuna canneries, says fish that's caught in the island should be processed in the islands.

Tri-Marine International, which owns the Samoa Tuna Processors cannery, has proposed American Samoa become the regional hub for fish processing.

Tri Marine International's managing director, Joe Hamby, says the territory has land, human and infrastructural resources that make it an ideal regional site for fish processing.

Mr Hamby says while there is more tuna caught in the islands than can be processed in the islands, there is value to be gained from a regional hub.

"If you're a consumer of tuna and you know that this tuna is caught in this beautiful South Pacific, and you know that it's processed in the American Samoa canneries, there should be some appreciation that this fish is caught in these wonderful waters, processed in this culture and giving value to this culture and the economy and helping to sustain the people of American Samoa."

Joe Hamby.